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About Us

We are a full service automotive repair and diagnostic center. With over 20yrs of experience, we have the knowledge and the latest equipment to handle the most unique and complicated issues as well as the more routine maintenance needs. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on complete honesty, transparency, and quality when it comes to your automobile needs. We are independently and privately owned and operated business. When you chose to do business with The Car Doctors, you will get the personalized attention of the owners of the business that you deserve. Take a look at what our customers are saying by reading our testimonials.


When you get sick and need answers, you go to the doctor. When your car is sick, you go to The Car Doctors. The process of choosing an auto repair expert should be the same a selecting a doctor. Do you want to choose a doctor out of a phone book and base your decision purely based on price, or do you want a doctor who was recommended to you based on their honesty, professionalism, and the quality of their service? Think about it. Your vehicle is one of the largest investments and expenses you will have in your life. Why should your expectations be any different?

Unfortunately, we are part of an industry that has a reputation for taking advantage of clients who do not have the technical knowledge regarding their vehicle. Many clients who come to us for the first time are cautious because they have been misled, sold to, surprised, or flat out ripped off in the past. We refuse to do business this way. We understand that every customer is unique and every issue is unique. We will be completely honest with you, explain the cause of your automobile problem, give you our recommendation of how to take care of the issues (in many cases we will offer several options), and let YOU make a decision. We will work with you to understand your budget and try to create solutions that will fit within your budget. We will also let you know how serious the issue is and be honest with you when we feel the problem does not warrant the expense of a repair.

Are you a gear head, a weekend mechanic, or a do it yourself (DIY) person who just has questions or needs advice? Call us! We love talking about cars and will give you our opinion at no cost.